About the project

Landcom is working with the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure to create an affordable, diverse and sustainable neighbourhood at Dunsmore Street, Rooty Hill.

The project could deliver between 300 and 500 much-needed homes, to be refined as planning progresses, with future residents a short walk or cycle from Rooty Hill Station, shops, schools and community facilities.

The project will follow a range of best-practice design principles, including:

  • a mix of housing types to provide greater choice, affordability and housing security for a range of new residents
  • a portion of homes to be set aside as Affordable Housing for those on low to moderate household incomes, such as key workers like childcare staff, nurses and teachers
  • an urban design approach that acknowledges and connects with Country
  • preservation of building remains of the heritage-listed former Government Depot (stock farm), which makes up part of the site, with ways to educate visitors about the site's history
  • preservation and restoration of bushland along Angus Creek to enhance habitat for local wildlife
  • tree-lined local streets to provide shade and cool the streets
  • sustainable flood and stormwater management solutions
  • new public open spaces for the wider community to relax and play
  • new neighbourhood connections to encourage walking and cycling.

We are working with specialist consultants to prepare technical studies related to local traffic, the natural environment, heritage, urban design and public open space. Investigations will help us to prepare the necessary applications for development, which will be delivered in phases over the next five years.

As a NSW Government-owned development organisation, Landcom values community consultation and seeks to understand the places and communities that we work in. It is important to us that we design a place that meets the needs of the community, now and in the future. The way to do this is by hearing from you.

Project location

This map shows the location of the project (purple), the lot boundaries of the former Government Depot site and nearby attractions.

Community consultation

Between February and April 2024, we engaged with residents, the community and other stakeholders in Rooty Hill and surrounds to understand what makes Rooty Hill great and how this could be incorporated into a vision statement to guide and inspire how we plan and deliver our Rooty Hill project. Consultation included an online survey and ideas board, doorknocking neighbours, pop-up events, a community workshop, youth focus group and meetings with community interest groups.

We are currently reviewing feedback and ideas shared, and will provide a summary of what we heard once we finalise the shared vision.

1. Email updates

2. Pop-ups

We held pop-up engagement activities over two April weekends in Rooty Hill.

Rooty Hill local shops (outside the medical centre - 15 Rooty Hill Road North, Rooty Hill):

  • Saturday 6 April, 9am - 12 noon
  • Saturday 13 April, 1pm - 4pm

And at Eastern Quarter shopping centre (159 Rooty Hill Road South, Eastern Creek):

  • Saturday 6 April, 1pm - 4pm
  • Saturday 13 April, 9am - 12 noon

3. Workshop

4. Survey

5. Ideas Board