Be a part of Orange's growth story by creating a vision for Council's new 300+ home residential neighbourhood.

Landcom is working with Orange City Council to build a new residential neighbourhood that will increase and diversify housing options for this growing regional city. Come join us on Tuesday 13 February to make your mark on this exciting new development.

The project will unlock 25 hectares of Council-owned land at Orange’s eastern entrance to deliver 300+ homes with a mix of housing types including single dwellings, duplexes, town houses and low-rise apartments - providing people with greater choice and affordability.

Redmond Place will cater to various household sizes and incomes, with at least 20% of homes to be set aside as Affordable Housing for low- to moderate-income workers.

The project will be designed with innovation, sustainability and liveability in mind, aiming to set the standard for contemporary new housing estates in Orange and Central West NSW.

As a Government-owned development organisation, Landcom values community consultation and seeks to understand the places and communities that we work in. It's important to us that we design a place that meets the needs of the community, now and in the future.

The way to do this is by hearing from you at one of our visioning workshops:

  • Noon-2pm, Orange Youth Hub (Glenroi Community Centre, 33 Garema Rd)
  • 6pm-8pm, Council Chambers Civic Centre (135 Byng Street)
  • Through interactive and imaginative discussion, tell us what life in Orange will look like in the future, and how this should translate to how our homes and neighbourhoods should be designed. Together, we’ll create an aspirational project vision that will inform design and development review.

    Catering and refreshments will be provided on the day. Tell us you’re coming using the short form below. We’ll also be popping up at the Orange City Centre from 10am-1pm on Saturday 10 February to share project information and hear from you.

    A vision is a shared aspiration for a place.

    It should answer questions like: What does Redmond Place look and feel like? And beyond the buildings and physical spaces we build, what is life here like? What are our priorities when planning and designing this neighbourhood?

    When complete, this 'vision' becomes the touchstone for a project, informing decision making from design development to project implementation. A project with a clear vision knows where it is heading and can take informed steps to arrive there.

    See here for an example of a vision from another Landcom project in North Wilton.

    As a Government-owned organisation, Landcom prioritises public benefit - this goes beyond productivity and profitability to include building healthy, happy and sustainable communities.

    We recognise that to do this we must listen to the communities that we work in, so that we can:

    • understand your feelings, needs and interests
    • communicate about project opportunities, risks and constraints
    • utilise local and specialist knowledge, information and ideas to shape projects
    • develop trust that leads to strong relationships in the community
    • be transparent about expectations and project outcomes.

    Further, we acknowledge that it is particularly important to consult the local community when we work on regional projects given the unique characteristics and needs of each place.

    For more information on Landcom's approach to community engagement, visit this webpage.

    We recognise that it's not often a developer asks the community what they want. However, we're invested in creating a place that meets the priorities and expectations of the Orange community.

    Your ideas and comments will be used by the project team's planners, urban designers, sustainability and community development staff to inform many aspects of the development.

    For example, if many people tell us that living somewhere green and leafy is highly important, we will consider the importance of trees and tree species. If we hear that energy efficient homes with low running costs are a priority, we could consider creating design guidelines that require builders to include insulation and double glazing. If walking and cycling are a big part of the community's lifestyle then planning comprehensive active transport routes will become more important.

    We encourage you to think both big and small!

    Landcom is a NSW Government owned land and property development organisation. We are a commercial business that develops land to achieve both public outcomes and financial benefits for the people of NSW.

    Landcom supplies home sites through the delivery of sustainable masterplanned communities and development projects, with a focus on expanding the stock of affordable and diverse housing. We have delivered over 100,000+ homesites since 1976.

    Affordable Housing is housing that falls under any of the below:

    Affordable Rental Housing is rental housing for a mix of low or moderate income households. Rent is discounted so that residents are able to meet other basic living costs, such as food, clothing, transport, medical care and education.

    Affordable Ownership Housing is private market housing which is affordable for purchase by moderate or below moderate-income households.

    Other Affordable Housing is housing product which improves housing affordability more generally and may include shared equity schemes and rent-to-buy models.

    1. RSVP to our visioning workshops

    3. Complete our housing survey

    2. Post on our ideas board